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Medigenics produkter håller hög kvalitet och har genomgått hårda tester genom åren. Här nedan kan du läsa rapporter från ett par utav de test som utförts.

Medigenic är nu godkända för IP67

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Philipps University Marburg, Institute for Medical Microbiology and Hygiene 

Prof. Dr. Mutters Head of Hospital Hygiene, 6.2.2009

  • The hygienic examination of the Medigenic Infection Control keyboard and mouse system for use in medically sensitive areas yielded a high reduction of the test organisms by disinfection with products of the German VAH (Association for Applied Hygiene) disinfectant list.
  • Thorough and rigorous spray disinfection with subsequent dispensation by wipe is effective and safe.
  • The Medigenic Infection Control keyboard and mouse system can be used without risk in hygienic sensible areas of hospitals if disinfection is carried out correctly with preparations and application time in accordance with the VAH list.
  • The use of the system in hygienic sensitive areas as in operation rooms, intensive care units and also in laboratories is recommended.

Esterline Interface Technologies, Internal Test Reports

Jim Clark, Mechanical Engineer, Paul Paroff, Reliability Engineer, Neil Oliver, Reliability Technician

Cleaning wipe resistance

  • Elastomer skin protects the printed keyboard image from simultaneous abrasion and chemical exposure
  • No sign of degradation of 9,211 wipes with germicidal disposable cloths. Test Procedure: Wiped every 3 hours every day for three years equates to 8 wipes per day times (3yr x 365dy/yr) = 8,760 wipes.
  • Comparative usability of the Medigenic keyboard to standard keyboards. Typing speed and accuracy were measured and compared over a set of 8 subjects with a range of typing skills and speeds.
  • Subjects retain an average of 95% of their typing speed and 99% of their accuracy when typing sentences
  • Subjects retain an average of 81% of their typing speed and 96% of their accuracy when typing random numbers Mechanical Lifecycle: Scissor mechanism and elastomer boots
  • No more than 20% change by 1 million cycles and had no failure in the boot area on the two switches that were checked.
  • Operating Temperature: 0℃ to +40℃
  • IP65 Rated: Totally protected against dust ingress and protected against low pressure water jets from any direction. Limited ingress permitted.

Department of Microbiology University College of London Hospitals

Peter R. Wilson, MD, Paul Ostro, PhD, Marita Magnussen, MSc, and Ben Cooper, PhD

Published in AJIC Volume 3, No. 10 December 2008.


With the advancement of capturing healthcare patient records electronically, the number of electronic devices in clinical areas is on the increase. The hands of staff are believed to be the main influence of the transfer of pathogens. The aim of this study was to develop a user-friendly computer keyboard that can be easily cleaned in which bacteria is not readily transferred.

Study Methods:

  • In vitro studies were performed to demonstrate bacterial transfer between keyboard surfaces and gloves.
  • Usability study (e.g. typing speed, accuracy, and ergonomics)
  • Controlled trial of keyboard contamination in an intensive care unit both with and without an alarm to indicate the need for cleaning.
  • Cleanable keyboards were placed at random beds and compared with standard keyboards.

Keyboards Tested:

Three types of cleanable keyboards submitted from three different manufacturers:

  1. Flat silicone keyboard with 2 cleaning sensors and a light alarm (Medigenic)
  2. Low profile silicone keyboard with 1 mm high keys, no alarm
  3. Standard keyboard with ultraviolet light source (254nm) as an automatic sterilizing system

University College London Hospitals

Dr. Peter Wilson, Microbiologist
Testing date: April 8, 2005

"Testing of the Esterline, Advanced Input Systems Medigenic keyboard in the medical surgical ICU at University College London Hospitals showed significant log reduction in bacterial contamination in the range of 0.5 log - 1.4 log (71% - 96%) at cleaning alert settings ranging from 1.5 to 12 hours. The cleaning alert afforded a significant advantage in the Medigenic design in promoting a high level of cleaning compliance and a reduction in bacterial contamination during use in the ICU."


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